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Pampering in completely new dimensions

At Terme Olimia, we have been trying to offer you the best relaxation and pampering in Slovenia. Consequently, we have been chosen as the best wellness centre in Slovenia for five consecutive years. Prestigious pampering at Wellness Orhidelia enables you to gain enough strength for everyday difficulties and challenges.

In the diverse complex of Wellness center Termalia, everyone can find something for themselves; whether in pools with rapid rivers, geysers, and whirlpools or at massages, in saunas or in fitness.

At Spa Armonia, we pamper all your senses with carefully designed assortments, quality ingredients, and proven skills. 

Termalia II.

Dear guests,

we are happy to inform you that latest by the end of June 2018, we will have completely renewed and updated the offer of  Wellness Center Termalija.

With the update, we will provide the best and high-quality services in the field of water experiences and relaxation also in Termalija. In the part called Termalija - FAMILY FUN, the contents will be primarily adapted to families with children, and in the part called Termalija - RELAX, to all those looking for relaxation and recreational swimming. At the end of the renovation work, we assure you that with its attractive and unique offer, Termalija will surely set new standards in this area, and thus be placed next to the multiple times awarded Wellness Orhidelia.

The renovation of Wellness Center Termalija will be gradual. The first phase, which includes a complete renovation of the existing external part of Termalija (the pools and the pool area under the former tent) and the construction of a new complex called Termalija - FAMILY FUN, is expected to be completed in February 2018.  We will do our best to ensure that all works are organized in a way that will minimize the influence thereof on your well-being and comfort. In the meantime, the indoor pool of the Wellness Center Termalija will be operating smoothly with all the associated resting areas and the restaurant, as well as the fitness and Spa & Beauty Center Termalija. In the Sauna World of Wellness Center Termalija, the green, purple and red sauna will be operating until the end of the first phase.

In the second phase of the renovation, the so-called Termalija - RELAX, we will renovate the remaining existing part of Termalija (the rest of the pools, restaurant, reception, dressing rooms). During the renovation of Termalija - Relax, the new part Termalija - Family Fun and the renovated Savna World Termalija will be operating smoothly.

The new Termalija will be completely finished in June 2018 with a new look and offer for all generations.

We are looking forward to the new offer and unique ambience in the renovated Wellness Center Termalija, and thank you for your understanding.


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Having been there for several times and it was always amazing! Before as a couple, and now with the new member of our family, we are planning our next visit. Hope to see you soon!

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