For pensioners

Vacation, embraced by soothing thermal waters and idyllic surroundings

Try out our efficient recipe for a pinch of vitality, well-being, pain elimination and better flexibility – visit Terme Olimia.

We believe the wellness services and therapies that are available at Health Centre Olimia can help you significantly improve the quality of your third age. Therefore, we have prepared special pensioners' packages.

For many, the peaceful green surroundings that are perfect for walks and cycling trips will be sufficient reason to visit.

Taking care of your health

At Terme Olimia, many pensioners choose physiotherapeutic and health programmes at Center zdravja Olimia, where our experts completely see to your needs and give you advice on how to face problems even after returning home.

We also recommend visiting Wellness Orhidelia which offers a variety of massages, baths, and body or facial treatment programmes.

If you have no heart condition, visiting saunas at Svet savn will be beneficiary.

Food for your vitality

Terme Olimia will satisfy your culinary cravings.

Food for vitality, which is marked with an apple symbol, is available at the Basilicum and Gratiola restaurants in Wellness Hotel Sotelia and in Hotel Breza restaurant; guesthouse Gostišče Lipa will also see to your needs perfectly.

We recommend plenty of our medicative thermal water during your stay with us.

Into the nature

The green, hilly, and picturesque Obsotelje and Kozjansko region will definitely convince you to go out for some fresh air.

There are interesting walking trails in the vicinity of Terme Olimia; we also recommend cycling trips with bicycles that can also be rented here.  Despite the hilly landscape, the cycling routes are not too difficult.

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