Cycling routes

Podčetrtek offers many cycling routes that are suitable for skilful cyclists and beginners. You can venture into the landscape, rich in natural and cultural heritage. For those, who wish such activity, rental bicycles and helmets are available at Terme Olimia.

Cycling through Vonarje to Rogaška Slatina

Vonarje offers unique relaxation with its essence and intact nature; so to Rogaška Slatina through Vonarje and followed by sightseeing and an optional drinking of mineral water.

Return by a local road past the Church of St. Cross, on a panoramic route through Nimno, Jerčin, ... Route length: 15.8 km

Cycling across Rudnica

Rudnica is the objective of many cyclists and trekkers. This route is suitable for more skilful cyclists. After a climb past the castle granary and Veber’s meadow, continue across Silavec, where you turn for Zaborovec at the intersection and then continue to the intersection in Vodole.

Return past the forestry cabin Encijan and through Olimje to Podčetrtek.

Route length: 13.1 km

Difficulty: difficult cycling route 

Cycling from Podčetrtek to Olimje

The monastery and the chocolate factory in Olimje are two really popular destinations. The route is easy with some ascent. We start at Hotel Breza at Terme Olimia and continue to Podčetrtek. Turn right at the petrol station and take the second exit at the roundabout. A view of Imenska Gora arises after the first turn and soon thereafter you can see the Church of St. Mary at Pesek on your right hand side.

Continue past the pub Haler and arrive at Olimje. There you can view the monastery and its famous apothecary and herbal garden and fill your backpacks with chocolate delicacies at the chocolate factory Syncerus on the way. Return to Terme Olimia by the same route.

Route length: 4.5 km 

Cycling to Emino Wine House

Starting point is Hotel Breza at Terme Olimia. Continue to Podčetrtek, where you go across the intersection, towards Imeno. After a couple of easy climbs you arrive at a signpost for Emino Wine House where you turn left. Return on the same route.

Route length: 2.7 km

Difficulty: easy cycling route 

Lightly across the health valley

Terme Olimia – Sodna vas – across the dam of the future Vonarsko Lake – Harina zlaka – across the pathway – Aqualuna – Terme Olimia

Length: 6 km

Difficulty: easy cycling route 

Across Slovenian and Croatian hills

Terme Olimia - Podčetrtek - Olimje - Virštanj - Sela - Golobinjek - Prelasko - Sedlarjevo (border pass Sedlarjevo - Plavić) - Plavić - Zagorska Sela - Ivanić Miljanski - Sv. Ivan - Miljana (across the border at an interstate border crossing Imeno - Miljana) - Imeno - Podčetrtek - Terme Olimia

Route length: 29 km

Difficulty: Difficult cycling route