Trekking trails in the vicinity of Terme Olimia

Walking and trekking are nowadays most popular types of everyday activity. Numerous walking and trekking trails in the vicinity of Terme Olimia truly enable you to clear your mind and stretch your legs. 

To St. Emma’s

The walking trail to the Church of St. Emma leads from Terme Olimia across Sodna vas, where we continue in the north-east direction of the main road and follow the signpost for St. Emma’s at the railway.

The trail to the church is steep and appropriate for walkers that are in quite good physical condition. At the top the church itself and the view make it worth the effort.

Trail length: 8 km 

Family trail

For families with small ones the Family trail is very appropriate for walking. Starting point is Aparthotel Rosa, where you pass some ponds taking a pleasant macadam road that leads through the woods.

Soon you find yourself at the castle granary and continue your way along an asphalt road all the way to the store Polje. Here you turn right and return to Terme past Park Aqualuna.

Route length: 5 km

To Rudnica

Start your way towards Plešivec, a 686 metres high peak on Rudnica, from Terme Olimia. Choose a route across the Slivje settlement to the Church of St. Andrew and continue your way to Plešivec across Olimska gora.

Return across Mala Rudnica and Silavec and descend to Olimie, where, if we have any strength left, you can view the monastery and the chocolate factory.

Route length: approximately 13 km 

Geological educational trail Rudnica – Virštanj

This trail leads across the northern part of Kozjansko Park, around Olimje. The route of the geological trail runs across a relatively small area of Kozjansko Park, but the diversity of the geological structure is adequate for representation of the complete geological development and structure of the Kozjansko Region.

There are also other natural sights here (the Olimje stream valley, linden in Olimje) and cultural heritage (the Church of the Feast of Assumption in Olimje, the Olimje monastery, the Church of St. Andrew in Olimje, the Church of the Virgin Mary at Pesek, Počivavšek’s hayrack in Slake, and the archaeological site at Rudnica).

This walkway with beautiful viewpoints from which a large part of Kozjansko Park can be seen is appropriate for every visitor in average physical condition. It runs across forest paths, cart tracks and partially local roads with very little traffic.