Culinary adventures

Where healthy tastes good, too

Food is the source of vitality; it is the foundation of a healthy and informed life. A healthy diet is vital in taking care of physical and psychological well-being.

At Terme Olimia, we try to offer you food that will invigorate you with the full strength of nature. Therefore, we follow the principle of healthy food preparation. Dishes, marked with an apple symbol, are prepared in a way that maintains the best ratio of calorific value to abundance of present nutrients. Each bite of your wholesome meal will strengthen your body and sharpen your senses. 

The Olimia approach to healthy food preparation

The Olimia approach

Dishes, rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre – of high quality and with low fat value and glycaemic index – are suitable for all our guests.

Natural, non-processed food is simultaneously a delight and a cure. At Terme Olimia, we have prepared a varied selection of health friendly dishes, prepared with the principles of vital cuisine. With the help of carefully selected ingredients, usage of medicinal herbs, and a pallet of tastes, we wish to introduce you to the newest trends in wellness diet that does not only support your body, but also clears your spirit. 

Food for vitality

Consuming a variety of healthy food, which tastes good as well, is one of the basics to our vitality. We are aware of that at Terme Olimia and therefore we offer a variety of dishes at our restaurants that will help you maintain vitality. You will recognise them by the apple symbol.

While preparing food for vitality, we preserve its value, therefore we:

  • Cook, stew in natural juice or in a small amount of added liquid;
  • Cook on steam and use wax paper for oven baking instead of frying or we use coconut fat;
  • Cold pressed oils are added at the end of cooking;
  • Professionally and substantially use fresh and dry spices.

Over the coming years, we wish to cover over 30% of inn culinary delights with the Source of vitality and encourage our guests to consciously choose healthy and vital food and attentive food consumption.  

A person that carefully chooses food is aware of the connectedness of earth, living beings, and cultural environment, and the influence of their eating habits to these systems.



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Restaurants in Terme Olimia


Lipa now joins a café, a pub and a restaurant under one roof.

This way, sweet lovers, coffee lovers, fans of so called "finger food", beer drinkers and even more demanding gourmets will find something to enjoy.

Hospitality and sincerity await you in guesthouse Lipa.

More about Guesthouse Lipa


Hotel restaurants

Restaurant Basilicum

Wellness hotel Sotelia****

In the inn, you can enjoy culinary delicacies at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You will leave truly renewed after breakfast for strength, lunch for good mood, and dinner for a sound sleep. 

A la carte restaurant Gratiola

Wellness hotel Sotelia****s

In the gorgeous ambience of the restaurant and with a wonderful view of the surrounding hills, you will enjoy the chefs’ topmost culinary delicacies. Again and again you will be surprised with different flavour combinations that will take you to supreme gourmet pleasures. 

Restaurant Breza

Hotel Breza****

At the hotel restaurant, you will be offered food made with fresh ingredients and with lots of imagination. Amongst others, dishes from grandmother’s kitchen will be available for breakfast. And we will surprise you with healthy dishes and food for vitality for lunch and dinner. 

Restaurant Pomum

Wellness Orhidelia

At restaurant Pomum, we prepare a variety of light dishes and refreshing beverages. Therefore, you can start your day with a luxurious meal; continue with a refreshing beverage and gain energy from wok or grill dishes or a salad. We are especially renowned for premium desserts. 

Restaurant Vzemi energijo

Family wellness Termalija

After swimming in pools with thermal water, relaxing sauna bathing, or after aerobics, it is nice to freshen up with a drink or sate your hunger at restaurant Vzemi energijo. We prepare delicious lunches, different types of fast food, and pizzas. 

Restaurant Kroki

Park Aqualuna

After water mischief, you will need refreshment. Our chefs prepare daily, many types of warm beverages you can choose from in a self-service restaurant.