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Superiority of the ambience and technical perfection for the right ideas and business success

7 fully technically equipped halls and conference rooms at Kongresni center Olimia at Wellness hotel Sotelia are planned as multi-purpose areas, suitable for different types of meetings.

In a harmonic environment, Konresni center Olimia awaits, away from the city bustle, suitable for conferences, consultations, meetings, seminars, exhibitions, and presentations, motivational programmes, receptions, and various social events, such as banquets, fashion shows, and feasts.

All areas are equipped with the latest audio-video technology for a supreme performance of your event and uninterrupted work. 

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Wellness hotel Sotelia****s

Congress hall Primula 1 +2 

The congress halls Primula 1 and Primula 2 can be used as separate units, or they can be modularly joined into a modernly equipped congress hall. The total capacity of the cinema layout is 350 seats. It provides a variety of layout options for lecterns and the use of modern multimedia technology to play contents in three different projections simultaneously.

Availability of seats: up to 350.

Congress hall Angelika

Congress hall Angelika is a somewhat smaller congress hall. It is suitable for interactive work of smaller groups and as complementary space for the larger congress halls Primula 1 and Primula 2, especially for work in several different groups. Congress hall Angelika can be modularly expanded with hall Erika, thus enabling the availability of projections for several different screens and the participation of up to 100 people.

Availability of seats in congress hall Angelika: up to 50.

Availability of seats in congress halls Angelika and Erika: up to 100.

Konferenčna dvorana Erika

Hall Erika is a smaller hall which, together with hall Angelika, can be joined into a large hall with 90 seats.

Hall equipment: possibilities of different chair and table layouts, 50 seats, lectern and guide table, audio-video technology.

Modern multi-media equipment of the halls of Congress centre Terme Olimia

  • modern audio-video equipment
  • movable projection screens
  • sound system
  • desktop and mobile microphones
  • reception desk
  • lectern
  • presidential table
  • flipchart (presentation board)
  • wireless internet connection in the congress hall
  • LCD projectors
  • PCs
  • simultaneous interpretation system with moveable cabins, video conference technology
  • documentary camera
  • telephone and internet connections
  • guidance signs
  • basic flower decoration

Conference room Veronica

The conference room Veronica is a small independent hall with 20 seats, and an independent entrance from the reception of Hotel Sotelia **** S. Veronica is suitable for the interactive work of smaller groups as a complement to the work in the large hall and for meetings in several workshops.

Due to its position, hall Veronica is a great choice for a press centre at larger events. It is also suitable for meetings of a smaller number of people who want peace and privacy in shaping new ideas and strategies

Hotel Breza ****

Conference hall Beresta

Conference hall Beresta in Hotel Breza****  is connected with the halls of Wellness Hotel Sotelia and Aparthotel Rosa through an underground corridor.

Hall Beresta can be a great complement for meetings that take place in several groups and require more space.

The multi-purpose modernly equipped room with daylight provides various forms of independent meetings.

Aparthotel Rosa****

Conference Green Hall

The Green Hall in Aparthotel Rosa is part of the Congress centre Olimia. A hall with daylight and a beautiful lobby for exhibitions and receptions.

The Green Hall is a large, modern conference hall (cinema layout for 120 people) with a beautiful pre-congress room, suitable for exhibitions or entertainment with a view of the green hills of Obsotelje.

The entire ambience is complemented by a large outdoor terrace by the ponds, enriched by beautiful fountains with musical and light effects. The hall is suitable for educational meetings, receptions, exhibitions.

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