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Sauna, the way to health

Sauna, the way to health

Saunas help to improve well-being and relaxation, besides having numerous healing effects. With regular visits to the sauna you will strengthen your immune system, expel a lot of toxins from the body, improve your cardiovascular system, and eliminate problems associated with stress.

You can additionally strengthen the positive effects of the sauna on your health in Terme Olimia. We have developed a number of programmes and we will be happy to advise you in choosing the most appropriate one. 

Healing effects

Regular use of a sauna strengthens the functioning of your lymphatic system, speeds up the body’s metabolism, inhibits skin aging and contributes to its shiny appearance. Experts have discovered that the sauna affects also the reduction of diseases such as chronic inflammation of the middle ear, nose bleeds, and lower back, neck, and joint pains.

In order to improve respiratory function, we recommend visiting a Turkish bath (steam bath), while the infrared sauna will, among other benefits, alleviate arthritis and mild rheumatic diseases, muscle cramps, headaches, and various inflammations. By sweating, as the result of the increased blood circulation, our body expels toxins and purifies the sweat glands.

Some basic sauna bathing rules

Proper sauna bathing consists of heating and complete cooling of the body, two equally important activities.

  1. For sauna bathing you should have at least two hours, during which you repeat the process of heating and cooling the body several times.
  2. Do not stay in the sauna for too long (in Finnish and Turkish, on average, about ten minutes, while in the infrared about half an hour).
  3. Do not come to the sauna after a heavy meal, but also not hungry.
  4. During the sauna bathing you need to drink a lot - especially recommended are water or unsweetened tea.
  5. Do not enter the sauna wet, while after the sauna bathing do not wash yourself with soap or have a warm shower.
  6. The remaining sweat on the skin will be removed only by cold water.

Precautions for sauna bath

Those who have high blood pressure must be careful when using the sauna. Its use is not recommended for those with health problems such as pronounced heart and veins defects, in the case of acute and chronic diseases, epilepsy and cancer patients, and those with skin diseases.

Sauna is not intended for children under the age of four years. However, sauna bathing is definitely a nice activity for the whole family and in Terme Olimia we have specific programmes for families.

Olimia approach

In Terme Olimia we offer for sauna bathing ideal conditions with multiple, different saunas and diverse programmes throughout all days of the week. We are at your disposal for free advice in order to maximise the healing effects with the proper use of the sauna.

We will find the programme that best suits you. We want to make the use of sauna an integral part of your healthy lifestyle.


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