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House ritual at Terme Olimia – take 3 minutes just for yourself

House ritual at Terme Olimia – take 3 minutes just for yourself

We tend to pay more attention to others than to ourselves. But the employees at Terme Olimia wish to contribute to the good of this world. Therefore, our house ritual is caring for awareness. By following the described exercise, relaxation and calmness start activating deep in our body.

With a simple, short exercise, we encourage the circulation of vital energy through the body. It activates every cell. While we watch the circulation of life energy, our mind is closely connected to the given moment and relaxation and calmness will embrace us.

The ritual encourages personal development and simultaneously strengthens an individual’s belonging to a work group, which is pleasant for company and guests.

A 3-minute film guides us slowly through an exercise to relax, feel the circulation of vital energy, and positively enter a new day. We invite you to a group guest and hotel employees’ exercise. By that, we encourage easier communication and improve the chance for you to experience all the potentials of Terme Olimia for a pleasant stay with us. It is important that you spend these 3 minutes focusing only on yourself and positive thoughts.


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Lavender sachet for a better sleep

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