Health centre Olimia

Connecting tradition with modern

At Center zdravja Olimia we connect tradition with modern into efficient health strengthening programmes.

Therapeutic techniques, combined into the Olimia approach, are directed at correction of movement patterns and muscle imbalance that are the consequence of a modern sitting lifestyle. The Olimia approach combines 50 years of the experience of world renowned professionals in the field of spine rehabilitation and the knowledge of the Prague School of Rehabilitation, Australia, and the Netherlands.

We wish to help you maintain vitality and ease everyday difficulties and pain. Therefore, we have combined proven holistic approaches in diagnostic and therapeutic methods and connected them with modern manual medicine, Eastern treatment, and the capability of the high-end appliances that stimulate self-regeneration processes in the body in a natural way.

Following different relaxation techniques, drinking and bathing in thermal water that is proven to support a natural Ph balance, a selected Olimia diet, in the embrace of idyllic nature and rich culture, you will feel the difference in a matter of days! 

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The Olimia approach to a healthy spine

Approaching ideal movement patterns

The Olimia approach at Health Centre Olimia, led by Peter Kurila, M.D., a specialist of physical and rehabilitative medicine, is based on findings of modern manual medicine with an emphasis on the Prague School of Rehabilitation and dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation (DNS), which is upgraded by therapies using high-end appliances for natural stimulation of regeneration.

The essence of the Olimia approach is an approximation to healthy movement or ideal movement patterns that most experience in their childhood, but are later neglected and forgotten due to modern lifestyles with no real physical activity and excessive sitting. 

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Massages strengthen health, too

At Center zdravja Olimia, we follow new findings of manual medicine. We have developed many therapeutic massages. Even a classic massage with us is different.

Treat yourself to an Amarena massage if you suffer from lumbar spine difficulties. Choose an Olimia massage if you wish to relax, and a Therapeutic neck massage if you wish to eliminate tension in your upper back. All three massages are available only at Terme Olimia as they are the result of the knowledge and experience of our therapists. 

Amarena massage

Treat yourself to an Amarena massage if you suffer from lumbar spine difficulties. This massage treats mio-triggering points with which we eliminate tension and pain. With a stretch technique, combined with breathing, we achieve relaxation and pleasant and effective spine stretching. You will enjoy the scent of a natural clary sage and camomile essential oils that contain substances that support this deep-tissue massage. 

Olimia massage

This is a unique massage, a product of knowledge of the topmost masseurs and physiotherapists at Terme Olimia. The Olimia massage is a result of an overall understanding of the human body and balances Yin and Yang. Relaxation and beneficence of the massage has been experienced by many guests which makes it our most desired massage. 

Therapeutic neck massage

This massage consists of lymphatic drainage and stretching of tissue structures in occiput. Therapists soften neck tissues using gentle methods. It is recommended to all that experience tension (feeling of being bound), even when the tension is caused by a fast paced lifestyle and stress. The lymphatic drainage has a relaxing effect on the skin and hypodermis; by treating muscle cell walls we affect also muscle relaxation.