Eliminate difficulties

Your health is our concern

A modern life-style with numerous strains, different injuries, or just the years catching up with us can lead to numerous difficulties. Center zdravja Olimia is the right answer for when searching for efficient solutions.

See our assortment of services that offer not only excellent rehabilitation methods, but which also focus on prevention and care for your vitality and the healthy development of your children. Among our advantages are our professional qualifications, high-end appliances, individual approach, and knowledge transfer to our patients. 

The Olimia approach to a healthy spine

For a healthy spine

At Center zdravja Olimia, we will help you eliminate spinal pain in a natural way, using an approach that is based on dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation (DNS). Therapies are complemented with high-end appliances for a natural stimulation of regeneration.



Unique arthrosis treatment

Overall approach to solving your difficulties

Nuclear magnetic resonance therapy – MBST – is proven to regenerate cartilage and stimulate bone formation and by that it slows down the development of arthrosis or osteoarthritis. This completely painless method with no unwanted side effects is the centre of our therapy, and is complemented with a targeted, individual physical exercise. Consequently, joint stiffness decreases or flexibility improves, which significantly lessens the pain.

We will also prepare an individual Olimia guide with exercises to slow down the development of osteoarthritis and written advice for the most suitable food and everyday activities (movement, sleep, and attitude).

We recommend a stay of at least ten nights at Terme Olimia for a really efficient therapy; changes can also be seen after shorter therapies, just that their effect is less far-reaching. 


Anti-age therapies

Anti-age, anti-stress

At Center zdravja Olimia, we can help you slow down the aging processes and relieve you of stress. Allow us to stand by your side, while you discover the capabilities of your body, strengthen the flexibility of mind and spirit, and learn about your predominant pattern of emotional reaction.

Investment into yourself; your health is priceless, but in the most part you cannot buy it. You can achieve it, especially with the right life-style, such as following the principles of selfness, which we at Terme Olimia wish to transfer to you.

But you cannot do everything alone and this is why we are here – the professional staff of Health Centre Olimia with our high-end appliances – for your safe investment. Allow us to stand by your side, while you discover the capabilities of your body, strengthen the flexibility of mind and spirit, and learn about your predominant pattern of emotional reaction. 


Natural body sculpting

Natural cellulite elimination

Cellulite elimination has never been so natural, efficient, and permanent as it is with the help of CarboFit. This device also improves skin quality, which is visible for a further two years after the therapy. The secret to such efficient non-surgical elimination of fat, cellulite, and stretch marks is in using the positive effects of carbon dioxide in the form of a dry bath.

Blood circulation, not only in muscles but also in hypodermis and skin, is increased, which strongly increases metabolism in fat tissue and skin. This therapy is appealing to many, because you only lie and enjoy and the effects are visible within just a few therapies. With a wholesome diet and 14-day therapies on CarboFit, the change in your looks will be apparent. 


Children’s spine

Eliminating pain

At Center zdravja Olimia, we know how to efficiently help your children, up to 8 years old, eliminate bad posture and scoliosis.  

With a special therapeutic approach that includes games, we can encourage children to cooperate and achieve immediate results. To achieve permanent results, regular exercise is crucial; you can do these exercises at home with an individually adapted Olimia guide.