The Olimia approach to a healthy spine

The spine is the pillar of vitality that enables uprightness, gives flexibility, and mode. We are not aware of its importance until it hurts for the first time. Then we all want the quickest and most efficient way to eliminate that pain.

At Center zdravja Olimia, we can help you in the most natural way possible. Combine the process of achieving movement harmony with the help of our approach at Terme Olimia.

The Olimje approach

The Olimia approach at Center zdravja Olimia, led by Peter Kurila, M.D., a specialist in physical and rehabilitation medicine, is based on the findings of modern manual medicine with an emphasis on the Prague School of Rehabilitation and dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation (DNS), which is upgraded by therapies on high-end appliances for natural stimulation of regeneration.


Approaching ideal movement patterns

The essence of the Olimia approach is an approximation to the healthy movement or ideal movement patterns that most experience in their childhood, but are later neglected and forgotten due to modern life-style with no real physical activity and with a lot of sitting.

Wrong movement patterns often develop with those that have suffered different injuries. By improving movement patterns the functional state of the spine improves as well.

The suitability of our approach is confirmed by the fact that in 60 to 80% of cases we can prevent the need for an operation due to spinal disc slips.

The Olimia approach is especially successful with those that suffer spinal pain due to muscular imbalance and spinal disc wear. DNS is targeted at finding and treating functional disorder in spinal and non-specific pain that classic diagnostic methods (RTG, MRI) do not detect as structural change.



We learn and transfer knowledge to you

For the past years, the professional team of Center zdravja Olimia has been participating in educational training at world renowned rehabilitation centres. We gladly transfer this knowledge to all our patients and encourage them to take care of their spinal health at home.

Everyone participating in our therapy receives an individualised Olimia guide with advice on appropriate exercises. We monitor our work results with internationally renowned scales; in the case of spinal therapies with the Back PainI (BPI).

Olimia packages for your healthy spine

We offer many affordable packages at Terme Olimia, where you can combine the elimination of spinal difficulties with a stay with us. Therefore, we wish to invite all that would like to enjoy a pleasant vacation and at the same time learn how to prevent spinal difficulties in the long-term to choose one of our many packages.