Health centre Olimia

An overall approach to resolving your issues

Health center Center zdravja Olimia consists of a group of dedicated doctors and physiotherapists, under the leadership of Peter Kurila, M.D., which focuses entirely on each of our guests.

Using an overall approach to resolving health issues (from pain, injuries to different illnesses) and high-end appliances, we have helped many.

We wish to help you, too, but we are mainly focused on showing how to prevent recurrence or how to successfully avoid such issues.

The Olimia approach to a healthy spine

For a healthy spine

To perform as successfully and efficiently as possible, we always educate ourselves in multiple physiotherapeutic fields and search for new concepts and useful methods in Slovenia as well as abroad.

Besides using high-end appliances, one of our key advantages is an overall approach with which we better and stimulate the healing potential after injuries or illnesses that affect nervous-muscle-skeletal system and by that functional coordination of movement.

The successfulness of our – the Olimia – approach is measured and the results are above average in certain fields. 

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Our key fields

We are experts in the following fields:

  • Orthopaedic and traumatological symptomatology (joints, ligaments, muscle injuries, degenerative illnesses);
  • Pain states of different causes;
  • Neurological symptomatology (peripheral nerve injuries);
  • Neuro-vegetative exhaustion of the organism.

Our doctors

Peter Kurila, M.D.

The leader of Center zdravja Olimia is a Slovak physiatrist, who completed specialisation at the Medical Faculty in Ljubljana. Numerous therapies which he has developed at the Center are based on the Prague School of Rehabilitation, with which he closely cooperates. He is one of the biggest experts for DNS in Slovenia. Besides this method, he will also be able to recommend and perform other therapies that are intended for spine rehabilitation and preventive exercise for spine difficulties.

Peter Kurila also has a European licence for physical and rehabilitative medicine (physiatry) and Manual medicine exam. He is achieving outstanding results with his dedication and knowledge at Terme Olimia.

“As the only physiatrist in Slovenia, I reflect on peripheral vascular rehabilitation of patients with ischemia of the lower limbs caused by atherosclerosis and also diabetics with polyneuropathy and wounds,” Kurila explains.

We must mention Dr. Kurila's work with a man, who had previously been told he should have his leg amputated. Once his therapy had been completed at Center zdravja Olimia, he was once again able to walk, and has been doing so for quite some time now. Peter Kurila also publishes numerous articles related to his work, and participates in different professional symposia.

Our successfulness for your health

Therapy successfulness at Center zdravja Olimia

At Center zdravja Olimia, we have been testing the successfulness of our approach to knee, hip joints, and lumbar spine rehabilitation. The results of referential, internationally comparable methods – Knee Society Score, Harris Hip Score, and Back Pain Index – place us among the most successful spas in Slovenia and its surroundings. But by all means, these three fields are not the only ones where we can stress our professional and committed work. 

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