Thermal park Aqualuna

Summer spring of fun and adrenaline

Thermal Park Aqualuna is a summer water complex with 3000m2 of water surface, which invites you to its pools and facilities for family fun, pleasant socialising, and relaxation. It enchants you with a pleasant wave pool, exciting water slides, trails for speed downhill and wild turns.

In Park Aqualuna your children’s dreams come true. They will enjoy a mini club King Kobra, Aquajungle, and Aquasafari, gold hunting, everyday parties, entertainment and concerts, posing for photos with animals, and birthday parties. It is taken care of the children’s entertainment programme, varied performances and rich gastronomic offer.

All the pools are filled with Olimian thermal water, as there are five thermal springs in their vicinity. Swimming and having fun in thermal water not only takes care of your well-being, but also has many positive effects, as it improves blood circulation, stimulates metabolic processes, strengthens the immune system, and is anti-inflammatory.

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King Kobra Slide

For those who are adrenaline enthusiasts there are many slides and chutes, while in 2013, we completed building the wildest slide in Slovenia - King Kobra.

King Kobra is a slide that allows a breakneck race through two tubes, over circular paths, twists and turns. The descent, full of surprises, leads through closed and open parts of the slide and represents an amazing experience for visitors when both tubes, together, reach the exit flue of the slide or the cobra’s head.

Experience for yourself the strong forces that will drag you towards the exit flue of the slide, a 50 degrees fall and a final 8 metres deep immersion at a speed of 51 km per hour.

Do you dare?


Relaxation pool combines:

  • Massaging seats;
  • Massage jets;
  • Geysers; and
  • Waterfall.

Wave pool boasts the largest waves in Slovenia.

Landing pool has nine water slides.

Aquajungle invites you to try the wavy snake, crocodile, Monkey Island, cottage with slides, a palm tree with coconuts with water flows, and other attractions...

The youngest guests can paddle carefree in a shallow pool with a small slide with an elephant and turtles.

Pools in Aqualuna

Slides and chutes

Adrenaline adventures

Adrenaline gives us strength to respond rightly at any time. When you take a look at an exciting path at the end of which there is a big splash into the water, waiting for you, prepare yourself for a unique experience. At a flash it will expand throughout your body, speeding up the heart rate and breathing, stimulating the muscles, increasing blood sugar level, and provoking a scream of immense excitement!

  • Adrenaline tower with water attractions
  • Water slides (3x)
  • “Drop” slide
  • “Boa” slide
  • Small Tornado
  • Large Tornado
  • Kamikaze
  • Folded Kamikaze
  • Wave machine
  • King Kobra
  • Black Cannon

Gastronomy in Aqualuna

For children

King Kobra Mini Club

In Aqualuna there is a mini club, opening its doors every day between 11 am and 1 pm, and between 3 pm and 5 pm, where groups of children and animators challenge themselves with drawing, making puzzles, souvenirs, handprints in wax, and many other creative workshops. Your children will gain new skills, while the products they create will be a nice souvenir to take home.

Birthday at pool

Birthday in Aqualuna? Dancing, diving in pools, creative workshops in the mini club with animators? Why not! Just call, we will take care of the rest – from invitations to food, drinks, entertainment and a CD with photos – leave that to us.

Hunting gold

Let your little ones be involved in the gold hunting fever! The one who finds a golden nugget will get a special prize. We go gold hunting every day, and every gold hunter will receive a small gift - a photo as a souvenir.

Aquajungle 2

Aquajungle 2 includes:

  • 550 m2 of area;
  • 4 towers painted with palms;
  • Over 70 effects and add-ons that promote interactive playing;
  • Smaller tipping buckets;
  • Water guns, water cones, nets, water eruptions;
  • Tipping bucket at the top of the structure, from which a large quantity of water pours down every 2 minutes; and
  • Four slides.