Thermal water

Natural source of health

The thermal water of Terme Olimia is a recognised natural healing remedy, while the greater virtue of our water is its drinkability. Drinking from the thermal water spring has many positive effects on health and vitality.

In Terme Olimia there is very special thermal water, springing from the depths. When we give ourselves to this water in the pools, it hugs us from without, when we drink it, it caresses us from within. But no matter how, it always strengthens our health and well-being.

Water is the source of life

Healing thermal water

The healing properties of thermal water in Terme Olimia have been proved over the decades by its use for therapeutic purposes in spa treatments. Recent studies have shown that this thermal water is suitable also for drinking.

The natural healing remedy of Terme Olimia is a slightly radioactive thermal water with a temperature of 30-37 °C, which contains magnesium, calcium, and hydrogen-carbonates. It is pumped from wells (springs) to a depth of 520 m in the area of kamp Natura and Termalni park Aqualuna.  At the source its temperature range from 24° to 44 °C. The temperature of the pools (OrhideliaTermalijaHotel BrezaAqualuna) is obtained by mixing water from individual wells.

Thermal water of Terme Olimia positively influences the reduction of negative impacts on health and the effects of stress that accompany modern lifestyle. Bathing in thermal water relaxes muscles and increases blood flow of tissues, invigorating and strengthening the body’s defensive mechanisms.

Chemical composition

Kemijske značilnosti termalne vode Term Olimia:

pH 7,6
Sulphates 49 mg/l SO4
Chlorides 5 mg/l Cl
Silicon 22,1 mg/l SiO2
Magnesium 30 mg/l Mg
Sodium 10 mg/l Na
Potassium 1,8 mg/l K
Calcium 77 mg/l

Beneficial Effects

Beneficial Effects of Thermal Water

It reduces the negative effects on your health and the consequences of stress, relaxes tense muscles, and stimulates blood circulation; the silicon content has a significant effect on the health of connective tissues, bones, and cartilage, while low mineral content stimulates the cleansing of your body as well as invigorates and strengthens body’s defence mechanism.

Studies on the biological effects of Olimje thermal water conducted by the Bion Institute have revealed that it has an excellent bio field (stable, harmonious, cohesive, and vitalising). The bio field is the main reason for the numerous positive effects of the Terme Olimia thermal water:

  • Relaxes tense muscles, increases flexibility and muscle strength, and relieves pain
  • Improves blood circulation, boosts metabolism, and elimination of toxins
  • Is anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic
  • Has a beneficial effect on the skin, especially in the case of chronic non-communicable skin diseases
  • Releases endorphins – the hormones of happiness

Effects of drinking Olimje thermal water

Terme Olimia encourages all guests to drink thermal water, as its specific low mineral content contributes to body cleansing. A bottle of fresh thermal water is brought to your room every day.

Therapies with thermal water

Baths for Health

Thermal water is an inexhaustible source of positive energy, the effects of which are as follows:

  • Improves skin and muscle blood flow;
  • Improves internal organs blood flow;
  • Accelerates metabolic processes;
  • Supports wound healing;
  • Strengthens the immune system;
  • Is anti-inflammatory;
  • Strengthens the vegetative balance.

Relax in the healing waters of Terme Olimia and select one of the offered baths.

Thermal baths (individual) - 15 min

Already, after just one bath in thermal water, the well-being changes. However, when we bathe in thermal water for several days in a row, we can count on the tickling effect and internal glands’ response.

Bathing with bath lift - 15 min

When you are weak and need assistance to enter and exit the pool due to an injury or any other reason, we will help you with a bath lift.

Pearl baths with added herbs - 15 min

Bath with massage jets relaxes or invigorates, depending on the number of jets switched on.

Pearl baths with added herbs - 15 min

Bath with massage jets and added herbs relaxes or invigorates, depending on the herb, which is added.

Pearl baths with added natural oak bark extract - 15 min

Bath with massage jets and natural oak bark extract has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on the skin. It is an excellent choice for people with chronic non-contagious diseases (psoriasis). Since it calms skin ailments, it enhances your inner harmony.

Underwater massages - 20 min 

Hydro-massage jets of different powers perform a full body massage or massages only certain body parts. It is a combination of the effect given by warm water and massaging. The result is a circulated and relaxed body, ready for upcoming adventures.

Exercises in the pool with thermal water (group) - 5 min 

Exercising in the pool with thermal water (individual) - 15 min 

Thermal water Inhalation - 20 min 

Nowadays it is an increasingly used therapy. The inhalation of fine particles dispersed in thermal water improves our blood circulation in the lining of the respiratory tract and thus accelerates the elimination of dust and other particles that are inhaled with air pollution in cities or in closed and poorly ventilated rooms.

For whom is the inhalation recommended?

  • For those who live in cities.
  • For all who work a lot with computers.
  • For all smokers.
  • For chronic pulmonary patients.
  • For those who have problems with allergies.