Wellness Orhidelia

There is a world ... ... ... and then there is a different world.

Wellness Orhidelia, the most prestigious part of Terme Olimia, will awaken in you a love for your body and soul. The diversity of Wellness center Orhidelia allows each guest to find his/her intimate place of peace and relaxation. 

Enjoy the indoor and outdoor pools, sauna centre, numerous thematic resting spots, and refreshing culinary delights.

Wellness Orhidelia is architectural poetry for the eyes and a collage of selected luxury details for the soul. It is a celebration of originality and a surplus of sensuality. A place where you can be at anytime and anywhere alone in the privacy of your own thoughts and sensory experiences. 

Come, find your intimate place, and do something good for yourself. 

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Termalia II.

Dear guests,

we are happy to inform you that latest by the end of June 2018, we will have completely renewed and updated the offer of  Wellness Center Termalija.

With the update, we will provide the best and high-quality services in the field of water experiences and relaxation also in Termalija. In the part called Termalija - FAMILY FUN, the contents will be primarily adapted to families with children, and in the part called Termalija - RELAX, to all those looking for relaxation and recreational swimming. At the end of the renovation work, we assure you that with its attractive and unique offer, Termalija will surely set new standards in this area, and thus be placed next to the multiple times awarded Wellness Orhidelia.

The renovation of Wellness Center Termalija will be gradual. The first phase, which includes a complete renovation of the existing external part of Termalija (the pools and the pool area under the former tent) and the construction of a new complex called Termalija - FAMILY FUN, is expected to be completed in February 2018.  We will do our best to ensure that all works are organized in a way that will minimize the influence thereof on your well-being and comfort. In the meantime, the indoor pool of the Wellness Center Termalija will be operating smoothly with all the associated resting areas and the restaurant, as well as the fitness and Spa & Beauty Center Termalija. In the Sauna World of Wellness Center Termalija, the green, purple and red sauna will be operating until the end of the first phase.

In the second phase of the renovation, the so-called Termalija - RELAX, we will renovate the remaining existing part of Termalija (the rest of the pools, restaurant, reception, dressing rooms). During the renovation of Termalija - Relax, the new part Termalija - Family Fun and the renovated Savna World Termalija will be operating smoothly.

The new Termalija will be completely finished in June 2018 with a new look and offer for all generations.

We are looking forward to the new offer and unique ambience in the renovated Wellness Center Termalija, and thank you for your understanding.



Swimming pools

Thermal pools

The indoor swimming pool with a temperature between 31 and 32 °C consists of many attractions. Numerous islands allow an escape to solitude; massage deckchairs provide immediate relaxation, geysers, 2 whirlpools, lazy river, light cave and swimming pool with underwater music will assure that you are completely taken over by the energy of water.

The outdoor swimming pool with a temperature between 30 and 32 °C also provides many pleasures – like the water bar, where you can drink a cocktail sitting in the water, as well as massage deckchairs, geysers, and whirlpool. Boasting yet another specialty: a nudist terrace and an outdoor swimming pool where the water temperature is between 29 and 32 °C.


Relaxation saunas

Steam in Finnish saunas

Svet savn in Wellness Orhidelia is divided into Finnish saunas, steam baths area and those with thematic resting places, such as a room with waterbeds, while the offer is upgraded with a nudist outdoor terrace with a swimming pool.

The Embrace of Ornament

Steam saunas follow the design of the Islamic world tradition, where they originate from, therefore, the main emphasis is on decoration and expression, in contrast with the minimalist, yet open Finnish part, that invites you with its design to socialise.

Wooden fairy-tale

The Finnish part is in line with the basic doctrine of the northern way of being, designed in wood and other natural materials. Besides the spacious Finnish and infrared saunas, visitors can relax in special rest areas, cool in a cold pool and use the “massage path” for a foot massage.

On the top there is an outdoor nudist terrace with a hot outdoor pool, massage deckchairs, and underfloor heating. The outside terrace can be accessed from both the Finnish and the steam part. 

Sauna programmes

Various events in Terme Olimia’s Wellness Centre are a tradition. We applied all our knowledge in the offer of the most prestigious wellness in Slovenia - Wellness Orhidelia.

Choose your day and take advantage of the events that we offer on a daily basis.









Wellness Orhidelia has been declared 'Best Wellness' in Slovenia in the category of Tourism Large for the eighth consecutive year. All who have ever stepped into the world of prestigious thermal delights, which hides a wonderful world of water and a sauna centre in the collage of chosen luxurious details, know very well that Wellness Orhidelia is unique.

A Wellness with soul revealing the dimensions of a whole new world to its guest. The Wellness in harmony with nature is revealing the energy and force of life to the individual. The harmoniously designed programmes are aimed at establishing a balance between health, beauty and well being. A variety of techniques and procedures of unique pampering and care are adapted to the wishes and needs of guests to pamper the body and soul. To feel Wellness Orhidelia in all its beauty is an invaluable experience.

Food and beverages for soul and body

Restaurant Pomum

Healthy nutrition is one of the first steps in taking care of our physical and mental well-being. Our guests will enjoy food rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre – low in fat and glycaemic index, yet of high quality.

We have prepared a wide selection of light meals and refreshing drinks. You can start your day with a sumptuous meal, continue it with one of our refreshing drinks, strengthen with dishes from the wok or from the grill, or you can simply choose one of the luxurious salad plates.

Our confectionary chefs prepare top desserts every day. We have prepared for you pies, Crostatas, seductive cakes, and excellent homemade ice cream.


Sunday - Thursday: 9.00 AM-9.00 PM; Food: 11.00 AM -8.00 PM

Friday - Saturday: 9.00 AM-12.00 AM; Food 11.00 AM-9.00 PM

Massages in a secret world

Spa Amala

Longstanding tradition and valuable knowledge have been woven in the offer of Terme Olimia’s most prestigious element - Wellness Orhidelia.

This is also the home of Spa Amala, a space that is designed for individual services and therapies.


+386 3 829 78 05


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