7 selfness approaches for reconnecting with yourself

  1. Energy exercises that can be performed anywhere

    10 minutes per day is enough. In the morning or in the evening. It is important to connect the mind, movement and breathing effectively and with the right approach. Energy exercises at Terme Olimia are carried out daily under the professional guidance of our therapists. With them, we achieve many positive effects for us, such as energy flow, calmness, joy, love for ourselves and the people around us.

    Exercise duration: 15–20 min

    Max. number of participants: 25

    Join us: weekly schedules


  2. Bath with gongs to tune in your body

    Gong is an ancient musical instrument originating from Southeast Asia. It produces gold cutting sounds. Sound massage is based on ancient wisdom from 5000 years ago. The rich spectrum of overtones harmonizes the left and right brain halves, eliminates tension and removes obsolete and unnecessary records in your brain archives.


    Exercise duration: 15-30 min

    Max. number of participants: 30

    Join us: every day from 5 p.m. in Wellness Orhidelia + every 1st Wednesday of the month on sound day at  Wellness Orhidelia


  3. When we hear the sound of Tibetan bowls

    Vibrations of high quality sound at a frequency release the tensions and eliminate the energy blocks. Tibetan bowls of all sizes resonate with different tones of "om" sound, which awakens cellular memory and activates fundamental energies. It fills every atom and every cell of the body and shakes them with a vibration of health, harmony and balance. They completely spontaneously eliminate old thought patterns that no longer serve us.


    Exercise duration: 15 min

    Max. number of participants: 20

    Join us: weekly schedules


  4. Dive into the woods – when we connect the energy of the body with the energy of a tree

    Our body can easily be compared to the symbolism of the plant. The juices flow all the way from the smallest fragments of the roots to the highest leaves of its canopy. And in the human body flow the blood, air, messages… Thus, with the energy of the surrounding forests in Terme Olimia, special sensations are addressed to individual senses. Through the allied energy of nature, we feel the inner world of peace, harmony and connection with ourselves.


    Exercise duration: 90 min

    Max. number of participants: 10

    Join us: weekly schedules


  5. Six Healing Sound Vibrations that awaken your insides

    Although breathing is a reflex on an unconscious level, breathing with awareness has so much more power. The Six Healing Sounds is an ancient breathing technique where individual sounds have a positive effect on the inside of our body. We eliminate tensions and irregularities and create space for new opportunities. Here we perform it in the Sound Cave, inside the prestigious Wellness Center Orhidelia.


    Exercise duration: 20 min

    Max. number of participants: 25

    Join us: weekly schedules


  6. Qi gong exercise – when the energy is directed into movement and actions

    The word consists of two separate words. The first is qi - energy, and the second is gong - activity, work, movement. Through practice, the qi gong technique connects 3 Chinese traditions: traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts, and philosophy. When we connect them, we create power that affects our physical body, our psychological side and our energy potential. It helps to restore the energy flow.


    Exercise duration: 30 min

    Max. number of participants: 15

    Join us: weekly schedules


  7. Aquatic exercise ai chi – when we add a gesture and overcome the stress

Ai chi is a form of aquatic movement that with the help of 19 gestures (kat) at a rhythm of 1416 breaths per minute strengthens and relaxes the entire body. Deep inhalations and exhalations, and the gradual addition of body movements, trigger the process of physical relief. In a pleasant embrace of the water spring you begin with the movement of the upper extremities, then the lower extremities, and finally, connect the whole body with harmony in a single motion.


Exercise duration: 15 min

Max. number of participants: 30

Join us: every day at 11:30 a.m. at Wellness Orhidelia


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Selfness is a lifestyle that helps you find your way back to your center and look back at yourself and your deepest feelings. It is the path to a better and happier life. Carefully designed programmes will reunite you with your soul, who, in the daily hustle and bustle, has forgotten about relaxation and self-love. We teach you once again to listen to your body that must properly handle work, family, and leisure in order to balance the path of life. It puts the individual first and leads to full acceptance of oneself and discovering the best in oneself through many mindfulness approaches.