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Because we care about you!

Subscribe to Wellcard Club Terme Olimia and collect points on all purchases that will allow you to get gift vouchers, discounts, and other member benefits.

What is the Wellcard loyalty card?

The Wellcard loyalty card of Terme Olimia is a club, which allows you to collect points and earn discounts!

It is based on collecting reward points on all purchases in Terme Olimia, which generates points that give you discounts on purchases.

4 reasons to join the wellcard club terme olimia

Collect points and create your own discounts.

Every purchase brings you points.

Many times a year special deals with exclusive prices.

Benefits from the surrounding tourist providers.


Rules of collecting points


For every purchase over 90.00 EUR, when staying at any of the hotels or apartments in Terme Olimia, every 20.00 EUR generates 1 point for your bonus voucher.

In case you are staying in the hotels or apartments of Terme Olimia (Wellness Hotel Sotelia, Hotel Breza, Aparthotel Rosa, Vas Lipa, Kamp Natura):

  1. Minimum purchase = 90.00 EUR
  2. Every purchase of 20.00 EUR generates 1 point
  3. 1 point = 1.00 EUR of discount


For every purchase over 10.00 EUR for wellness, health care, or restaurant services, every 10.00 EUR generates 1 point that you collect and get a bonus voucher.

For other services in Terme Olimia (Family wellness Termalija, Wellness Orhidelia, Vodni park Aqualuna, Center zdravja Olimia, Wellness center Spa Armonia, Spa&Beauty, and restaurants):

  1. Minimum purchase = 10.00 EUR
  2. Every purchase of 10.00 EUR generates 1 point
  3. 1 point = 1.00 EUR of discount

Loyalty knows no boundaries!

We would like to inform you that we have joined the Wellcard Club Terme Olimia with the benefits of the Wellcard Club Terme Tuhelj.

Welcome and thank you for your trust. 

Bonus vouchers

If you collect a total of at least 20 points, your Wellcard loyalty card gives you BONUS VOUCHERS of the value shown in the table below.

Number of pointsBonus Voucher

Value of purchase in EUR


Value of purchase in EUR

(wellness, health services, restaurants)

2020,00 EUR400,00 EUR200,00 EUR
4045,00 EUR800,00 EUR400,00 EUR
6070,00 EUR1.200,00 EUR600,00 EUR
8095,00 EUR1.600,00 EUR800,00 EUR
100120,00 EUR2.000,00 EUR1.000,00 EUR

How to use Wellcard bonus vouchers?

  • Points are collected on your account. Every purchase increases the number of points that you have already collected.
  • When reaching a certain amount of a single purchase, you can decide whether to use the points to pay for a service of Terme Olimia or continue to collect points and get an even higher value of bonus voucher. 
  • Bonus vouchers can be used anywhere in Terme Olimia.
  • Inform your receptionist / cashier you will cash in a bonus voucher.
  • Points are collected over a period of one year from the date of your first purchase.

Benefits from the surrounding tourist service providers