Family day in Termalija Family Fun

Children are looking for their swimsuits and inflatable arm rings. You are looking for your favorite book. You pack up and you are already in your car on your way to Podčetrtek. When you arrive, you enter the complex and the endless world of water fun and peace opens up in front of you! Every family member can easily find his/hers favorite spot.


For mothers with babies


Being well aware of the importance of intimacy and with the thought of moms and newborns we have created spaces that simplify, relax and strengthen the bonds. In special changing rooms, breastfeeding rooms and kitchenette moms and their newborns will feel right at home.


For children – big and small

So much fun in one place that they do not know where to go first - in the water or wonder around a little bit.


Usually, in the water first.

Joy can be heard from the two slides. Fist bumps and splashes on and under the climbing wall above the pool. The laughter is certainly in abundance on the field with water sprinklers. The toddlers splash in special shallow water pools - outside or inside. We also have a pool with sand, where you can build castles and sand sculptures!

And when you almost have web on your fingers, it's time to explore the land. There is something quite unique happening on our side of the Alps. The Special Playroom Oliland is a colorful space, full of nets, balls and tunnels with endless fun throughout the day. At neighboring tables, parents and children enjoy coloring of coloring books - guess twice who is happier. The boys and their dads will be especially excited about the interactive multimedia room. After lunch, you can all go to 7D cinema together. Who will be more scared?


For her

She likes to get out of the water into special rest rooms, open a book and enjoy. With the corner of her eye, she keeps a close eye on her joyous children, but she is just far enough to be surrounded by pure peace. If time permits, she quickly pampers herself with a treatment at the center Spa&Beauty.

For him

We believe that he will already have fun on all the above described attractions for children. You know that doctrine of eternal children. However, if time permits, he can warm up his body in the sauna world or have a drink at the water bar. Well, you usually have a hard time getting them out of the field with water sprinklers.


For grandma and grandpa

Just a step away from the family kingdom, just around the corner, the story is completely different. We enter a place of peace and tranquility. The noise of the springs is the only sound that completely takes over the space. You will feel every move in the pool and enjoy with your eyes closed under the waterfall or in the bubbles. You will have a great time, calming and relaxing.


This is how all the generations enjoy until late in the evening, when the gates of the kingdom Termalija Family Fun close. Tomorrow everything will be repeated and so every day, 365 days a year. You can be sure that your next visit is going to last a few days.


For a multi-day party, check out the extensive range of resorts at Terme Olimia and find the one that suits your family's lifestyle. During the summer, your children will especially enjoy the Aqualuna Thermal Park!

Fragrant Orhidelia

Date used: 1/5/2020 - 5/31/2020

Wellness hotel Sotelia****s

  • Free entrance to Sauna world.
  • 1x per person massage Olimia (60 min.).
  • Water adventures in the healing thermal water of the Family wellness Termalija.
  • For couples
  • Wellness Orhidelia
  • Access to Sauna world
  • Massage included
179.50 119.50 EUR
per person / night


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Adventures for families

Choosing the perfect holiday destination for the whole family can be very difficult. At Terme Olimia, we made sure we could offer you something for every family member in one place. From many children's animations through endless water fun to home comfort in our accommodation complexes. Not to mention the possibilities for a family trip to the nearby hills. Your child will be laughing all day long and you will be able to enjoy the perfect thermal relaxation that we will conjure up in our green valley.