Rushing through life

From early morning to late evening, we are rushing. To work, to get the kids from kindergarden or school, running errands, to meetings, to business lunches and then to parent meetings. Once again, we do not have time for lunch, let alone yoga. We also forget about establishing an inner peace that is even more important for a successful navigation between obligations. The secret lies in small steps that take little time but have an enormous revenue. We just have to get to know them. And with our unique selfness programme, this is possible.


Love yourself and you will fall in love with life

The most important love of all is the love for yourself, the love for the way you are. This is sometimes just an awareness that what you need is silence. An awareness that you have the power to say no and to look into the need of your body. Selfness shows you the path and ways to holistically change your habits and lifestyles, as reflected in your personal growth and happiness, with which you then walk through life. By many approaches, treatments and rituals, we teach our guests about what we have forgotten – how to relax, how to love, how to listen, how to grow, how to be more successful in their work and private life, and how to accept and to believe in themselves. And believe us, the results are obvious. Guests love to come back.


With a common goal towards personal victory

We are aware that we must first sweep around our own front door, therefore we have successfully implemented selfness in the organizational culture of our company, where the story begins. It's the only way can we transfer knowledge to our guests more authentically and with better quality. With the aim of discovering the best in an individual, we embark on a journey full of beautiful feelings and acquaintances that successfully balance the physical, emotional and spiritual sides.
It all comes forth in the form of happiness and positive energy, which then take over the navigation of our life's path. 


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7 selfness approaches for reconnecting with yourself

Knowing and respecting yourself is currently one of the most popular social controversies about the mankind. In a given society, we can act without behavioral fluctuations only if we are fully aware of ourselves. Who are we when we wake up? Are we doing what we want? Is our life the way we dreamed about it in childhood? Did we get rid of our patterns from the past? We are increasingly subordinate to many social patterns and less and less loyal to who we really are. But the realization that something needs to change can only be followed by an action that leads towards the goal. We will introduce self-exploration techniques that will open your eyes.