Local dishes from Kozjansko region for breakfast


Zafrknjača is a flat cake made from yeast dough, rolled up at the edges. It is topped with cottage cheese and lined with juicy apples from a nearby orchard. Also, cumin or estragon can be added. Juicy, traditional and divinely good.



Also named špehovka (fat cake) – a bad name for such a great dish! Some people also call it a cake with cracknels, ocvirkovca… It is an old Slovenian (holiday) specialty made from simple yeast dough or risen dough. Roll the dough over the surface and coat it with substantial amount of sour cream. Evenly sprinkle lukewarm cracknels and diced sausage over the top. For the shine coat the cake with an egg. We can hardly wait for it to bake.


Bread cake from Kozjansko

This is an old Slovenian specialty made of phyllo dough with juicy stuffing of bread, sweet cream, eggs and raisins. Extremely rich cake made from several layers of walnuts and egg stuffing. It is a holiday dish that can easily beat even the most delicious cakes.


Fruit and vegetables from the neighboring farms

Which apple is the best? The one from the home apple tree? And which carrot has the most flavour? The one from the home garden? With us everything is locally grown. With our diligent people from Kozjansko region we offer you a daily menu that protects our environment and your health. And above all, it is very delicious!


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Food at Terme Olimia

When it comes to vitality, we must not forget about nutrition. It affects your well-being – mentally and physically – and regulates the level of energy that flows throug your body throughout the day. What we bring into our bodies is of great importance. Sweet temptations, lack of time, and fast lifestyles often fool us, easily forgetting the quality and consistency of our meals. Food is a key source of vitality, so at Terme Olimia we strive to have your body filled with energy all day, fed with the power of nature and shrouded in the lightness of being.

Local is »the best«

You all know that saying, "There is no place like home." Or is this the best place? This is where the best apples grow, from which Mom makes the delicious apple pie. The glasses are always full of homemade wine. The kitchen smells of fresh herbal tea from the garden. The sweet drawer hides delicious chocolate. Yumm... And since we want you to feel at home with us, we have goodies from the Kozjansko region homesteads in our pantry as well. And afterwards on your plate.