Local is »the best«

The local produce

Vegetables and fruit from the garden. There is nothing better than that - juicy, delicious, natural, seasonal and full of flavors... We are proud to have so many various growers of local delicacies around us, who bring us freshly picked produce almost every day. Some from the fields, others from the trees. And also from the vineyards and forests. Everything from the carrot in your beef soup, salad and main dishes up to the delicious strawberry sauce that you pour over your ice cream.


Indulgence from Olimje, the famous chocolate

Let's go back to the great-grandfather of this chocolate boutique, who had been making the chocolate sweets centuries ago. He brought the recipe from Vienna, where he was a recognized confectioner, or rather a chocolate maker. Today, his tradition lives on in the Chocolate boutique Olimje with its slogan Sweets from Olimje (Sladkosti iz Olimja), which are known and spread throughout the country. The peculiarity of these chocolates is that today they are completely hand made, as they were years ago - each with its own unique taste and shape, hidden everywhere around us.


The rich herbs

In our region, inside the castle tower, operates one of the oldest pharmacies in Europe. The monks of Saint Paul pursued natural healing in their desire for the best health of their brothers. A huge variety of herbs were cultivated and studied in the castle gardens. And so the tradition, even after the departure of the monks, has been preserved. There are 2 gardens in front of the castle entrance, where bags full of different flowers are filled. There, the drops also accumulate in the healing potion.


The superb wines

Slovenians are proud of their wine drops and attached to them. In every Slovenian region, wine has its own taste. So distinct that it is the wish of every wine lover to taste as many top quality types as possible. Kozjansko and Obsotelje regions are characterized by hills on which wonderful grapes have grown for centuries. And so the locals will tell you before they pour you a glass: "You know, there is never so much wine that you couldn't drink it by yourself, but never so little, we wouldn't be able to give some to you too."


White wines such as Welshriesling and Sauvignon predominate. Of the red wines, the most common are Blaufränkisch and Žametovka. Add a piece of cheese and homemade salami to your favorite wine and just enjoy.


Why local?

Because we use local produce, we encourage the tradition of local farmers. With this we preserve their reputation and open up new jobs for our local people. And not the least - we reduce the carbon dioxide imprint caused by the transportation.

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