View the answers to frequently asked questions on the operation after the Covid-19 epidemic.

General questions

Do I have to wear a mouth and nose mask for protection in the hotel? And in what areas?

As the legal regulations vary from country to country and are often adapted, we ask you to bring your personal mouth and nose protection to the hotel. This is currently required when entering the hotel/restaurant, but not when staying in areas such as the spa, restaurant or in the room. According to the current state of information from the federal government and the health authorities, the wearing of protective masks for the mouth and nose by guests in the catering areas is not planned.

Does the hotel provide mouth and nose protection masks?

In principle, every citizen is already equipped with a protective mouth and nose mask in accordance with the legal regulations of the respective state government (use of public transport/areas etc.). If a guest has forgotten his mouth & nose protection mask, disposable mouth & nose protection masks are available against payment at the reception.

Can you guarantee the safety distance in the hotels?

In accordance with the hygiene recommendations of the NIJZ (National Institute for Public Health) for the performance of tourism and hospitality activities in the time after the covid-19 epidemic, we ensure a safety distance, and we have also defined clear standards and guidelines for a reliable provision thereof.

What do I have to consider with regard to my luggage due to the Corona virus or that to bring from home?

Please bring your own preferred mouth and nose protection masks. If you forgot to bring your masks, we are happy to offer you disposable mouth and nose masks at the reception for a fee. It is always advisable to carry a mini first-aid kit with you. We have placed disinfectants in all hotels in all important areas, but we still recommend that you have your own hand sanitizer with you, so that you can also have it available outside our complex at all times.

Can you wash my face mask?

Due to strict hygienic regulations, we cannot offer a cleaning service for fabric masks. Of course, our regular laundry cleaning service is available for all other laundry cleaning requests.

What do I have to consider when arriving at the hotel?

Please be assured that we take the legal measures of the government as well as the recommendations of the NIJZ very seriously and define and adapt the necessary processes for each hotel individually. Our team will immediately familiarize you with all regulations and will be happy to assist you should you have any questions. Creating special holiday moments for you and your loved ones remains our top priority as hosts. Despite the distance regulation, our team will accompany you through your well-deserved vacation with cordiality and competence. We will inform you about our up-to-date measures regarding Covid19 on our homepage in the frequently asked questions or a few days before your arrival in an informative email.

What hygiene measures do you take to prevent the virus from spreading in the hotel?

We have implemented comprehensive guidelines for the highest hygiene standards in all areas of our hotels. Our employees are continuously instructed and trained to maintain these high standards. Compliance with the guidelines is checked daily by the responsible manager. Other security measures can be found in the information e-mail a few days before your arrival. Not only do we strictly follow the recommendations of the NIJZ and national legislation, but we also update them with further measures.

Where can I seek medical attention if symptoms of infection occur?

We cooperate with the relevant health authorities at the entire level of the Terme Olimia complex. In the hotel itself, the responsible employees are familiar with the procedures in case of a suspected infection and ensure that every potentially infected guest receives immediate medical attention and is isolated from other guests and hotel staff.

Are accommodation facilities and services fully available? What are the major restrictions I should expect?

As a guest in our spa & wellness area, you must currently expect restrictions due to the legal regulations for pool complexes & wellness centers, therefore some facilities will not be available at the moment.

The following facilities will not be open in our Spa for the time being:

  • Saunas
  • Whirlpool / hot whirlpool

How do you protect your employees?

As long as no rapid tests and vaccines are available, we will carry out regular health checks in the form of temperature measurements. We will also ensure that employees with symptoms do not enter the hotel and only come to work if they confirm that they have not had contact with Covid19 infected people for the past 15 days. Employees who belong to a risk group currently work exclusively in the home office or are exempt from their duties with us. Personal contact between employees is kept to a minimum thanks to virtual meetings, efficient rostering, distance between workstations, etc. Our employees are equipped with protective masks and all protective equipment prescribed for each job. Our employees are also coached, trained, and accompanied efficiently and sustainably by our Trainers during hotel re-openings.


Is there anything to consider when checking in at the hotel?

You will pick up the room keycard at our reception. We will disinfect it properly before we hand you the keycard.

Can I pay with cash at the hotel?

Payment in cash is possible, but payment by card is preferred.

What should I consider when traveling with family/friends?

In principle, the legal regulations of the country also apply to the hotel, i.e. as long as the safety distance rules apply to people who do not live in your household, they should also be complied with on vacation, as well as, of course, all other protective measures to prevent the spread of the covid-19 virus infection.

What happens if travel restrictions change during the stay?

The hotel cannot accept any liability or give any guarantees in this respect. Please check the terms and conditions of your travel insurance regarding cancellation rules, short-term rebooking options and travel health insurance.


I would like to avoid as many contacts as possible. How can I get information from a staff member without having to go to the reception?

Our reception team is also available for information, advice, and recommendations by phone or via email. Despite the current situation, our guest service has absolute priority and we will do our utmost to continue to pamper you as usual during your stay.

Will the programs and activities still take place at the hotel and at the destination?

We are partially dependent on cooperation partners for the implementation of activities, excursions, and the like. As long as these partners are able to meet our safety requirements and the legal framework, the activities will continue to take place. Provided that the safety measures can be met, activities carried out by the hotel itself will continue take place. Outdoor activities such as selfness content, hiking, guided tours, as well as water exercise, etc., will be available while activities with direct contact and the inevitable physical proximity will not be possible for the time being.


What do I have to consider when visiting the restaurant?

In all Terme Olimia gastronomic facilities, we ensure that the applicable guidelines are strictly followed in accordance with protective measures to prevent the spread of the covid-19 virus infection. In addition, we have taken additional measures that ensure maximum hygiene and safety. These include, among other things, several time periods for meals and appropriate adjustments to self-service buffets, etc. We make every effort in all facilities to provide the usual service despite the necessary safety measures and to maintain the variety of our usual offers. If you have chosen a mealtime upon arrival, please take the meal at your chosen time. This is necessary in order to maintain the necessary safety distance between our guests. Wait at the entrance to the restaurant at the marked distance to other guests until our service team receives you and personally escorts you to your table. The service team member responsible for you during your stay will explain the procedure to you. More details on the activities in the restaurant can be found at the hotel reception.

Can corona virus be transmitted through food or drinks?

Transmission through food is theoretically possible as with a classic smear infection, although it is very unlikely. Nevertheless, we have taken strict additional measures for food processing that go beyond the high HACCP standards that have been in place up to now.

Is a regular breakfast buffet available?

In order to effectively ensure the minimum safety distance, we have adjusted the buffets accordingly in accordance with the protection measures to prevent the spread of the covid-19 virus infection: food is distributed exclusively by our employees, show cooking and fresh cooking on site is also carried out exclusively by our employees, as well as packed/sealed individual portions at the buffet. Our buffet is also partially replaced by the a la carte service. Self-service for our guests is currently not allowed. This also applies to the consumption of hot and cold drinks, which are served exclusively by our employees. We therefore ask you to follow the procedures and instructions implemented on site.

When can I take off my mask in the restaurant?

From the first entry into the hotel's gastronomic facilities and until you sit at the table assigned/reserved for you as a guest, you are obliged to comply with the legal regulation on minimum safety distance to other people who are not members of your group of visitors, and to wear a mechanical protection device covering the mouth and nose area in closed rooms. When consuming food and drinks, no mouth and nose protection is necessary of course - but it is obligatory to use it again as soon as you leave your table as a guest. More details on the measures taken in restaurants can be found at the hotel reception.


Can I use wellness treatments?

We take all necessary measures to make wellness treatments possible. However, it is possible that not all types of treatments are available. You can find out more details about this at the wellness center receptions.

Do I have to wear a mask during the treatment?

As a guest, you must wear a mask during the treatment. Your therapist will wait for you at the reception as usual, give you a warm welcome, introduce himself briefly and accompany you to the treatment room.

How do you protect guests during a wellness treatment?

Our therapists wear protective mouth and nose masks and additional protective equipment prescribed for individual procedures. The treatment rooms will be disinfected before each treatment in accordance with the safety measures to prevent the spread of the covid-19 virus infection. The hanger on the door of the treatment room shall confirm that the room has been thoroughly disinfected and then inspected. Additionally, the treatment rooms are well ventilated with fresh air. In treatment rooms without daylight or windows, the ventilation circulation is increased accordingly.

Are saunas and swimming pools open?

Pools and saunas are open, but in compliance with the legal minimum distance regulation for pools & wellness centers according to the country's regulations.

Indoor and outdoor pool (maintaining an interpersonal distance of at least 1.5 m on surfaces around the pool and at least 2 m when swimming in the pool. Members of the same household are an exception.)

According to the valid instructions issued by the NIJZ , we will not open steam saunas yet.

Due to strict and practically useless measures for the use of Finnish saunas, issued in the same NIJZ recommendation "Until the complete calming of the COVID-19 epidemiological situation, we do not recommend visiting a Turkish sauna, other types of saunas should not be used by more than one person at a time, unless they are members of the same family.", after a meeting of representatives of Slovenian natural health resorts, we addressed a letter to the Ministry of the Economy and the NIJZ with a proposal of measures that will be more useful in practice. We hope that these institutions will once again respond promptly and come to us by changing the measures so that we can open Finnish saunas as early as of 10. 6. 2020.

What do I need to consider before I can enter the pool?

Before entering the pool, a shower is mandatory for all guests.

Is there a limited number of people in the pools?

The number of visitors at the pools is limited and complies with the recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ).

What are the measures at the pools?

At the pools, as in all other facilities, recommendations have been adopted regarding social distancing, which will be ensured by arranging deckchairs in such a way as to ensure adequate spacing, and we have adopted appropriate protocols for employees and visitors regarding the disinfection of hands and equipment, and that we will also provide and properly mark the necessary distance between visitors in swimming pools and on devices, cash registers and wherever necessary. At the same time, we have coordinated the process for the preparation of pool water in accordance with the recommendations.

What should I do if the maximum number of people in the pool is reached and I want to swim?

The maximum number of people allowed to use the pool is required by law and is also monitored by our Terme Olimia team. If you would like to use the pool but the maximum number of people has already been reached, please be patient and as soon as another guest leaves the pool you can enjoy your pool session without any worries.

Do I have to wear a mask at the pool?

When moving and staying indoors (reception, sanitary facilities, changing rooms), while maintaining a sufficient interpersonal distance, use face masks or other forms of mouth and nose protection (scarf, kerchief or similar form of protection) that cover the nose and mouth during the epidemic.

Will children's animation be available as usual?

When offering children's activities and the use of the premises and equipment, the generally applicable and Covid19 hygiene regulations are strictly and consistently implemented in accordance with the instructions of the health authorities of the respective country. For the time being, children's animation activities will take place exclusively outdoors, in compliance with the relevant applicable legal regulations on the minimum safety distance, without contacts and props.

Are playroom Oliland, Game room, 7D cinema open in Family Fun?

The children's playrooms in the Terme Olimia complex are still closed, the Game Room and the 7D cinema are open, in compliance with the relevant applicable legal regulations on the minimum distance.

Are playgrounds and slides available in Family Fun?

Playgrounds and slides are available.