About us

Company: Terme Olimia, d.d., Podčetrtek

Address: Zdraviliška cesta 24, SI-3254 Podčetrtek

Telephone: 03 829 70 00

Fax: 03 582 90 09, 03 582 90 24

E-mail: info@terme-olimia.com

Website: www.terme-olimia.com

VAT ID number: SI 26743922

Registration number: 5090822

Share capital: 4,937,180.77 €

Bank account: SI56 05100-8014748454

Vision and Mission

Terme Olimia s storitvami na področju sprostitve, oddiha, zdravja, lepote in dobrega počutja realizirajo svoje poslanstvo in ustvarjajo rezultate.

S pogledom naprej smo in bomo z vlaganjem v nove pridobitve (Aqualuna, Termalija, Terme Tuhelj, nov hotel Sotelia, prenova hotela Breza ter Wellness Orhidelia) in vlaganjem v nova znanja in izobraževanja ostali edini prepoznavni ponudnik dobrega počutja in prerojenega življenja.

Naš cilj je postati najboljše Terme v prostoru med Alpami, Jadranom in Donavo in lastniško preoblikovati podjetje v smeri, ki bo omogočala družbi dolgoročno rast in razvoj ter nosilno vlogo pri razvoju turizma na tem področju.


Management Staff

Sales and Marketing

Florjan Vasle

T: 03 829 78 45
F: 03 582 90 09

Maja Jahn

Sales manager
T: 03 829 60 15
F: 03 582 90 09


Vasja Čretnik

Sales & Marketing director
T: 03 / 829 78 55
F: 03 / 582 90 09


Martina Terner

Head of Accounting
T: 03 829 78 75
F: 03 582 90 09

Sabina Antloga Žuna

Slovenian market
T: 03 829 78 49
F: 03 582 90 09

Barbara Brglez

Hotels manager
T: 03 829 78 00
F: 03 582 90 09

Nataša Šteblaj

Business Tourism
T: 03 829 78 70
F: 03 582 90 09

Jasna Bračun

Hospitality manager
T: 03 829 78 53
F: 03 582 90 09

Iztok Prevolšek

German and Austrian market
T: 03 829 78 49
F: 03 582 90 09

Dunja Koren

Wellness and Pools manager
T: 03 829 78 92
F: 03 582 90 09

Andrej Pust

Croatian, Serbian, and English-speaking market
T: 03 829 78 48
F: 03 582 90 09

Dr. Peter Kurila

T: 03 829 78 02
F: 03 582 90 09

Lea Ostrožnik Stegne

Marketing Italy
T: +386 (0)41 736467

Ivan Pelc

Investment manager
T: 03 829 78 11
F: 03 582 90 09

Matevž Levstek

Sport Tourism
T: 03 829 78 04
F: 03 582 90 24

Gregor Makovec

Maintenance manager
T: 03 829 78 11
F: 03 582 90 09

Tamara Preskar

Marketing and Advertising
T: 03 829 77 12
F: 03 582 90 24

Sabina Stipčič

Head of purchasing
T: 03 829 73 15
F: 03 582 90 24

Matej Terner

Digital marketing
T: 03 829 77 21
F: 03 582 90 24

History of Terme Olimia

Health-seeking visitors have been attracted by the thermal springs of this region for more than four centuries, while today Terme Olimia represents a favourite destination for those who want more than simple beneficial effects of the thermal water.

Oral tradition says that the Barons from Miljana in Harine Zlake had this as their bathing area as early as four centuries ago. In 1935, however, the natural hot springs attracted the attention of the local priest Frederik Strnad, who, together with experts, proved the therapeutic effects of these natural thermal springs.

Thermal water as a natural remedy treats very successfully rheumatic diseases of the locomotor system, skin diseases, arterial circulation disorders, conditions after surgeries, and injuries of bones and muscles and the peripheral nervous system.  

In 1966 Atomske Toplice was officially opened and today we are witnessing an extremely successful development of medical tourism, which attracts, with its comprehensive tourist offer in the field of health, wellness, accommodation facilities, pool complexes, gastronomic offer, and attractive location, visitors from all over the world. Terme Olimia took its name from the medieval monastery in Olimje, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the spa.

Programmes based on individual wishes and needs, a comprehensive wellness offer with modern and biggest sauna world, excellent beauty services, challenges for adrenaline water adventures, and recreation opportunities form a mosaic of a regenerated life.

Experiences are enriched by the surrounding natural and cultural attractions as well as the attractiveness of excursion and rural tourism with local specialties and authentic Virštajn wines.

Terme Olimia over years:

1966 – built the first wooden pool

1978 – built Hotel Atomske Toplice, renovated in 1994 and enlarged in 1995 (today Hotel Breza)

1989 – construction of the apartment complex (today Vas Lipa)

1990 – opening of the pool complex Termalija

1995 – construction of outdoor pools Aqua

1998 – construction of the Aparthotel Rosa

2000 – Atomske Toplice renamed Terme Olimia

2001 – construction of Termalni Park Aqualuna

2002 – added two new slides in Termalni Park Aqualuna

2003 – construction of the largest swimming pool with waves

2004 – renovation of the pool complex Termalija and construction of the largest sauna centre

2006 – construction of the new Wellness Hotel Sotelia****

2008 – expansion of the offer in the children pools and construction of Aqua Jungle 1

2009 – construction of Wellness Orhidelia – new thermal complex offering swimming pools and saunas

2009 – completed renovation and enlargement of Hotel Breza****

2011 – expansion of the offer in Termalni park Aqualuna – Aqua Safari

2012 – expansion of the offer in Termalni park Aqualuna – construction of Aqua Jungle 2

2013 – construction of a new slide King Cobra

Our awards and recognitions


  • Terme Olimia, Best SPA in Slovenia, In your pocket city guides
  • Terme Olimia, "Kristalni Triglav" award, for extraordinary achievements in tourism 
  • Wellness Orhidelia has received for the sixth consecutive year the prestigious title as the Best Wellness – Naj wellness 2014/2015
  • Terme Olimia, Travellers choice award, Trip Advisor 2015
  • ?Thermal park Aqualuna, best water park in Slovenia 2015


  • Wellness Orhidelia has received for the fifth consecutive year the prestigious title as the Best Wellness – Naj wellness 2013/2014
  • Terme Olimia, Travellers choice award, Trip Advisor 2014


  • Wellness Orhidelia has received again (for the fourth consecutive year) the prestigious title as the Best Wellness - Naj wellness 2012/2013
  • Kamp Natura was, alongside Čatež, evaluated with the highest number of points and just 0.5 points from obtaining the title of Best Camping, owned by 137 campsites in Europe
  • Terme Olimia, Travellers choice award, Trip Advisor 2013


  • Best Wellness 2011/2012: In the campaign Naj Wellness, the Wellness Centre Orhidelia took for the third time in a row first place according to the opinion of the expert jury and visitors (in the category Tourism-big)
  • Pool Vision 2012, Spa Category, third place Lyon, France, 2012 (Wellness Orhidelia)

Awards and recognitions before 2011 (PDF: 309kb)


In the Company Terme Olimia we are committed to the continuous implementation of quality services. We know that only a satisfied client will come back again. Therefore, we are aware of the importance to provide to each guest a standardised and well-implemented service.

In the implementation of our services, we are committed to continuously check our service quality with constant innovation and improvement, while investing in new knowledge and education - all of these to reach the common goal of meeting or exceeding our guests’ expectations. For many years our quality system has been based on quality standard ISO 9001.

The main goals of the Company:

Become the best spa in the area between the Alps, the Adriatic Sea, and the Danube and transform the ownership of the company in a direction that will enable it to achieve a long-term growth with a leading role in the development of tourism in this area.

To achieve the goal we have to:

  • Be the fastest in developing new services based on the tradition of the environment, nature, and medicinal herbs;
  • Train, educate, and motivate the employees for work requirements in an internationally competitive company;
  • Develop the sales channels in new areas, in accordance with the increased needs;
  • Raise productivity having regard to the quality; and
  • Perform continuous cost management.

Social responsibility

We consider as an added value and priority of Terme Olimia the fact that we are in the middle of green, unspoiled nature. Thus, we have an additional responsibility to preserve the environment.

The commitment of Terme Olimia d.d. is reliable, safe, environmentally friendly and economic performance of services. Thus, in performing our services we devote additional concern to maintaining a healthy and clean environment.

A lot of emphasis is put on aspects of energy and water consumption, waste reduction, waste separation, and environmental pollution reduction. We operate as a socially responsible company by raising awareness of employees and guests, and by promoting the responsible environmental management. By introducing ISO standard 14.001: 2004, which was obtained in 2011, we made an additional improvement in the field of continuous and systematic monitoring of environmental aspects.

We are dedicated to preventive action in the field of environmental aspects. Thus, we include them in existing processes, as well as in development and investment projects. As a very successful project in 2011, we wish to emphasise the transition to a biomass heating system, which has proved to be a good investment of great importance in the field of sound management of the environment.

We are also committed to meeting all regulatory requirements relating to the field of environmental management and continuous improvement.