Dizzying heights at Rudnica

Where is it?


Rudnica (rudnik = mine) is named after many of the mines that were once winding beneath it. It consists of a cluster of hills with the highest peak, Plešivec, which is 686 meters high. The path to or from it will lead you across the other peaks of Olimska gora, Mala Rudnica and Silavec. And just on the latter, a meter below the peak, stands the iconic Tower of Health and Joy on Rudnica. Climbing to the top will still be lower than the highest peak, but high enough to enjoy the beautiful view. 



How to get there?

On foot, by bike or by car. You can even take a bus. You will do the most for yourself if you choose one of the footpaths. You can choose between longer, shorter or even circular paths. The tower is erected in a prime location at the junction of footpaths leading all the way to the surrounding peaks and ending (or beginning) at Podčetrtek - close to the chocolate boutique. Just as well to have some sweets after an active day.





The tower in numbers:

  • You will count 185 steps to the top.  
  • It stands at an altitude of 622 meters, 1 meter under the peak of Silavec.
  • Standing on the top of the tower, you are 36 meters above ground.
  • The tower is so mighty it could accept up to 300 guests at a time, but it is limited for security purposes to 60 heads eager of the view.  
  • The tower is 100 % funded from the tourist tax of our guests.
  • Visiting the tower costs 0 Euro.  


A guided hike to the tower every week is also part of our animation programme and is free of charge for the guests of Terme Olimia.  


We invite you to look at our current offer of accommodation packages at Terme Olimia.


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