Let it be magical, this New Year

Magical bubbles dressed in a veil of mystery and comfort

New Year's Eve – the day when you are usually looking for the perfect outfit to shine on New Year's Eve, or even cook for a multi-member party that will soon knock on the door.

It is much better to spend the whole day in a bathrobe, give in to masseurs, indulge in the delicacies of culinary masters and enjoy exclusive sauna programmes completely nude. And of course, in the intimacy of your better half.

And because our Wellness Orhidelia is magical in itself, we invite you to experience it to the fullest on the longest night of the year. The New Year's Eve programme will be enriched with selected cuisine, and we will upgrade the exclusive sauna programmes with included sound baths with wellness elements of good, prestigious well-being.


  • In the last days of the old year, a New Year's fair of domestic products will take place on the Wellness Orhidelia platform.  A place where creativity knows no boundaries.
  • Top masters will blow away the old year with their towels or drown it in the sounds of the gong.

    May the New Year be relaxing, magical and inspiring all 365 days of the year.

An unforgettable New Year's Eve at Terme Olimia will these days take place on the premises of the family kingdom Family Wellness Termalija and in the restaurant of Hotel Sotelia****s. All that matters is that you have a great time with the ones you love the most. 


We invite you to look at our current offer of accommodation packages at Terme Olimia.


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She, he, and romantic thermal magic

One of these days, when there is a dark silence outside, and raindrops are battering against the window. Winter is coming. She is on the right of the couch, he in the corner. She wants to watch the cooking show, he prefers football. She would like to do something. He wants to stay warm at home. She's thinking. He has no idea. She remembers that thermal water also warms. While at work, he heard that Wellness Orhidelia had become famous among lovers. They head to Terme Olimia ...

Escape to Jelenov greben

It almost sounds like Santa Claus is home here. And when you the deer and mouflons come running to you, you will be even more convinced by that. But when the master calls them by their names: "Pikaaaa, Pikiiii ...," you will notice that there is no Rudolf among them. So, you are not at Santa Clause's. You are at the homestead jelenov greben. And it will come as no surprise that you will fall in love with the place, the family hospitality and the authenticity and versatility of the offer during your visit.

Dizzying heights at Rudnica

"It's even more beautiful than I imagined, and at the top you're rewarded with a view all the way to neighbouring Croatia," says the mayor of Podčetrtek Peter Misja. This is the Tower of Health and Joy, which gives you a wonderful view. Without a doubt, the tower at Rudnica is a very unique tourist attraction. First, it makes you breathe a little harder, but when you reach the top it takes your breath away – in a positive sense, of course.