Escape to Jelenov greben

On the ridge, beneath the mysterious Rudnica and just a few steps away from the castle courtyard, a wonderful, soothing and supremely idyllic family success story has been taking place for years. Once a cattle farm with viticulture, it is now one of the most attractive tourist farms in the area.



Something to eat

The biggest peculiarity is that they are cultivating mushrooms at Jelenov greben, from which mother Anica initially prepared many delicious dishes. Because the mother thusly spoiled the guests, they soon had to open a guesthouse for all the hungry stomachs. The family had nothing left to do but turn the old barn into the Jelenov greben Guesthouse. You can smell the best local delicacies from their kitchen every day.



Something to pet


When the cattle were sold, a strange silence ensued. They didn't endure it for long and soon brought deer to the pastures and after them also mouflons – a kind of wild sheep. Today, they welcome you when you arrive and often make you laugh with their antics. And if you offer them corn? Then they love you so much that you wish you could take them home with you.


A place to sleep

The family soon realized that the guests did not want to leave the homestead. Because there were too many of them to put on the sofa, they opened a comfortable and homely guesthouse called Rebeka and Karolina. It was named after the first two daughters.


Something for beauty

The third daughter, Lara, opened a boutique wellness center between the two guesthouses. There you can indulge yourself in the saunas and hot tubs, enjoying the marvellous view while sipping tea and listening to the crackling fire. Rebeka perfected the wellness offer by adding massages and care.  


Something to play

Because the homestead is a paradise for families, a large section of the courtyard is occupied a lovely children's playground where your children will be able to climb, swing or slide down the toboggan.


Something for fun

Once vineyards, today apple trees. Once a hayrack, today still a hayrack but for a different purpose. Today, it is a glazed apple ranch, a space dedicated to sport and ceremonial events that can seat up to 150 people. And next to it? A wine shop – named Star' ata (ol' dad). And the fun can begin…


Something to buy

And because guests wanted to take the experience back home, the family also opened a shop. Today, beautiful home products are shining from tis shelves that you will want to take home with you. 



And so, at Jelenov greben, they present us with something new every year. 


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