She, he, and romantic thermal magic

… and already they are standing at the entrance to the thermal world of Terme Olimia. They choose Wellness Orhidelia as their nest of comfort.


She would like a massage, he wants the sauna

She doesn't like saunas too much, it's too hot for her. She is really going to enjoy a relaxing massage. While she is being pampered at Spa Armonia, he enjoys the almighty sauna world. He had just come just in time to catch one of the famous programmes in the Finnish sauna called the Wind Theater. Once they both relaxed and meet again, they go to the common beds. During the warmer months, they visit the outdoor nudist terrace. Of course, they can both do the same things together.


She surrenders to the thermal river, while he visits the music cave

As soon as they put down the towels, they dive into the water. Fascinated by the spaciousness of the pools and relaxed just by the sight of the pleasant purple colour, they surrender to the flow of the river that carries them… By the way, he gently pulls her into the sound cave, where tightly embraced on massaging bubbles, they indulge in the power of sound, colours and thermal springs.

She would like to read a book, he would like to hug her

It can be on the terrace; it can be in a special quiet resting place. It can be on loungers by the pool or even on soft and comfortable sitting bags. They turn off their phones and enjoy the feeling of complete rest and mutual touch.



She's hungry, he's thirsty

When the stomach starts to rumble, or you crave something sweet. Well, he would prefer a glass of home-made wine or beer. Brunch, lunch or just a cake with a cherry on top will be served in the elegant Restaurant Pomum. For a cocktail in the water, they need to visit the water bar Amita – but it is open only in the warmer months.


She dives, he catches her

And when it's almost night outside, they decide to go for one last dive into the pools. Enthusiastic about the morning idea and full of energy, they swim through the exterior and interior. They surrender to underwater music and chase each other while being carried by the current.



Happy to be floating on the wings of love again today, they pack up the story into a thermal bubble and store it forever in their memory. 


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Let it be magical, this New Year

You know the saying that goes something like this: "Whatever you do on the first day of the new year, you will do the whole year." One could argue that nobody would turn down the year-round feelings sparked in your body by thermal springs. That means – no stress, lots of love and warmth, pampering in the saunas, swimming in thermal springs, enjoying great food and even better wine. And the magic hands of masseurs and Masters of the Wind. Music, and like cream on the cake, this magical winter disguise donned by the lands of Obsotelje and Kozjansko. Do you already know where you'll be for the New Year's Eve?

Escape to Jelenov greben

It almost sounds like Santa Claus is home here. And when you the deer and mouflons come running to you, you will be even more convinced by that. But when the master calls them by their names: "Pikaaaa, Pikiiii ...," you will notice that there is no Rudolf among them. So, you are not at Santa Clause's. You are at the homestead jelenov greben. And it will come as no surprise that you will fall in love with the place, the family hospitality and the authenticity and versatility of the offer during your visit.

Dizzying heights at Rudnica

"It's even more beautiful than I imagined, and at the top you're rewarded with a view all the way to neighbouring Croatia," says the mayor of Podčetrtek Peter Misja. This is the Tower of Health and Joy, which gives you a wonderful view. Without a doubt, the tower at Rudnica is a very unique tourist attraction. First, it makes you breathe a little harder, but when you reach the top it takes your breath away – in a positive sense, of course.