Sauna rules for a healthy and efficient use of sauna



  1. The sauna is the oldest innovation that has survived to this day. Going back to 1112…, the time when the medieval town of Laibach was built in today's Ljubljana basin. That same year, the first record of Finnish saunas was created. It's been almost a millennium since.


  2. Saunas were the place for birth, death, meat and schnaps. At first, Finnish saunas were the only sterile place around. They healed the sick there, women gave birth there. They even prepared the dead for the funeral there. And if that is not enough, the sauna has often been used to prepare smoked culinary specialties and even spirits.


  3. In the 16th century the plague stopped further sauna development. The epidemic was spreading and killing thousands of people, so group visits no longer seemed the best idea. Most group saunas were therefore closed. But because of its great efficacy and beneficence, the tradition was finally developed in the 20th century. Since then, it has been impressing people all over the world.


  4. The sauna came to Slovenia after the World War II. It was discovered by soldiers on the Russian-Finnish front. Despite the state of war the use of sauna was well organized there. Because of the sauna, soldiers were more resistant to external factors such as cold and wind.




Why do we use sauna naked? The sauna is intended for cleansing the skin and the body, but in the swimsuit the skin cannot breathe, so this is harmful. Swimwear is also not recommended for hygiene reasons. It often contains bacteria that reproduce in the heat. Even the chlorine that is retained on it after bathing in the pool would evaporate and harm everyone in the sauna.


If there is enough space, we stretch our legs in the sauna. Especially for beginners it is more appropriate to lie on your back with your legs raised to prevent uncontrolled blood flow. Occasionally we move to the lower or higher bench.


During the 50 minutes in the sauna we consume from 900 to 2400 calories.


And not the least – the biggest sauna in Finland was built in 1904 and it can be used by more than 180 people, when sitting. The sauna extends over 65 m2 and is more than five meters high.


There is no denying that the cold really made Finns to look for different ways to heat up their body. So - all the thanks go to the climate that made the existence of saunas possible, which have been successfully relieving human bodies for centuries. And thanks to the Finns for the great solution that has taken over the world.


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