Pampering for two

Indulge in unique pleasures

At Terme Olimia, you can spend a wonderful night, a relaxing weekend, or several days of diverse vacation.

Through comfortable accommodation, delicious food, fun night-swimming, nourishing sauna bathing and relaxing massages, you will be able to strengthen your love and make it blossom again. We offer special affordable couples' packages. 

Comfortable intimacy

To every couple, quality intimate moments are of special importance and at Terme Olimia you will have them in abundance.

Breakfast in bed can be served in comfortable, lavender scented beds at the Wellness Hotel Sotelia or you can enjoy a glass of sparkling wine on the balcony of your room after a romantic dinner at the Gratiola restaurant.

Places just for the two of you

Many pleasant intimate places are available at the Wellness Orhidelia, where we recommend a couples' massage at Spa Amali or even better, one of the all-day pampering packages for two.

You will also enjoy your visit to Slovenia at the Family wellness Termalija. There you can experience fun Friday and Saturday night-swimming in the pools.

Relaxation in the nature

The beautiful, diverse surroundings of Terme Olimia will definitely convince you to go out for some fresh air. Perhaps you will enjoy a cycling trip to a chocolate factory in the vicinity of a Minorite monastery Olimje. You can also choose a walking trail and find a natural nourishing concoction, beneficial to both, at the third oldest apothecary in Europe.

But by all means, we recommend plenty of our medicative thermal water for your well-being at Terme Olimia.

Nourishing sleep

Even though nights at Terme Olimia can be short, sleeping in comfortable beds will be nourishing enough for your good rest during your stay with us.

You will not regret the decision to make your stay even longer.

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First class! A wonderful place, great hotel, , fabulous spa, lovely countryside! Looking forward to revisit the place some day.

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Tatiana Margan, Australia

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