Sports and recreation

Ideal destination for sports and recreation in natural surroundings

Terme Olimia, Podčetrtek Hall and other sports infrastructure are perfect for athletes’ fitness trainings or as sports fields for recreation enthusiasts.

Sports and recreation lovers will enjoy their time at Terme Olimia. Olimia and the surroundings offer sports fields for recreation and sports. Enjoy your favourite sports in intact nature and fresh air. But you can also spend your pampering at Terme Olimia to discover the beauty of sports for which you do not have enough time at home. That way you will not only learn about the beauty of these sports, but also do something good for your body and soul.

Multi-purpose Podčetrtek Hall

The new and modern multi-purpose Podčetrtek Hall was built in 2009 and can be used for fitness training in handball, indoor football, basketball, volleyball, martial arts, sport climbing, and other indoor sports. Guests can also use badminton, tennis, and squash fields and a climbing wall.

A football field with an athletic track is located only 500 metres from the hotel; a route to it leads through the woods and represents a warm-up option prior to coming to the sports object. 

Sports park Gaj

At Sports Park Gaj, in the vicinity of Terme Olimia, all that think of themselves as active recreation enthusiasts as well as those less active will be able to strengthen their bodies and souls. Families are also welcome. Sports Park Gaj offers 4 tennis fields, sand volleyball and street basketball courts. At Sports Park Gaj, you will enjoy intact nature and fresh air while strengthening your body. 

A - golf

V bližini Term Olimia se nahaja golf igrišče z devetimi igralnimi polji. Igralci se lahko sprehodijo čez vodne in peščene ovire ter pri tem uživajo v prelepem naravnem okolju. Golf odlično krepi človekovo psihofizično kondicijo. Igrišče A - GOLF je primerno tako za izkušene igralce kot tudi za začetnike, ki bi se radi naučili osnov golfa. Za začetnike so na voljo tudi posebni tečaji, prav tako pa lahko igralci na golf igrišču v Olimju opravijo golf izpit. Predstavitev golfa je na voljo tudi za večje skupine. Golf igrišče A - GOLF Olimje je od Term Olimia oddaljeno le slabe 3 kilometre.

Racket sports

Football fields

The football field and athletic’s stadium in Podčetrtek offer fitness training for footballers and athletes. The football field is 58 m wide and 98 m long. An athletic track with four tartan tracks is available to athletes, measuring 376 m in length and marked at 400 m; there are also javelin, shot put, discus, and hammer throw fields available.

There are three other stadiums located in the vicinity of Terme Olimia:

  • Kozje (distance: 13 km)
  • Rogaška Slatina (distance: 12 km)
  • Šmarje pri Jelšah (distance: 13 km)


State of the art equipment and specially trained fitness instructors offer quality group or individual exercise for each visitor, beginner, or experienced fitness user or athlete.